Introduction To Minerals.

Minerals are naturally found chemical compound and usually of crystalline form and organic phenomenon in origin . minerals carry particular specific chemical composition and characteristics while a rock will be an sum of different minerals or Mineraloids. The study of minerals is known as mineralogy.Generally Mineral is neither animal nor vegetable actually it’s a inorganic compound. Almost all foods we take in daily routine have essential minerals. Many of minerals are easy to take in quantities needed by our body. A major exclusion is iron for children under age 5 and teenage girls and women in the child-bearing years.

These category required more iron than a normal diet may contribute and Iron assist to manufacture red blood cells. it assist the blood carry oxygen from the lungs to cells. meat is rich source of iron and especially liver, egg yolks, and vegetables which are dark green. each and every at every age require calcium. This mineral manufacture bones and teeth and it’s require for blood clotting. The golden sources included milk and simple cheese. other include are leafy greens,nuts and small fishes like sardines. Phosphorus and calcium required to build strong bones and teeth. Food that enhance enough protein and calcium also gives enough phosphorus. Other crucial minerals included sodium, iodine,, potassium and magnesium and further zinc and copper.

Deficiency of Minerals ?

Minerals and vitamins are more important nutrients that improve overall health.many chemical reaction needed sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, and if it’s deficiency pretends for a long period of time it may give sever reaction to our body and overall health.

Rickets and osteoporosis; in children and young deficiency of calcium lead to these disease early symptoms included bone weakness and feeling exhausted are general symptoms of deficiency.

Anemia; persistent deficiency of copper mineral in our daily consumption may lead to this kind of’s generally body didn’t make enough red blood cells or hemoglobin and it’s symptoms included,Difficulty concentrating and legs cramping and insomia etc…

Diabetes; deficiency may lead to diabetes and metabolic syndrome and it’s persistent deficiency may develop high degree disease and imbalance of health. Early sign included fatigue and skin problem and Imbalanced of cholesterol.

Cardiac arrhythmias; main deficiency of mineral Magnesium which may lead to these kind of disease. early symptoms included nausea and Chest pain chest pain and these symptoms generally refers to cardiac arrest or angina pain.

Proper taking of minerals included ?

Prevent from Cancer; adequate amount vitamin C and magnesium taking may prevent from these kind of disease and it’s over dose symptoms included reduces absorption of vitamin C.

Heart disease; Proper amount of Magnesium taking from food may prevent from heart disease and other cardiac problem.

Strong Muscles; Taking calcium and potassium in required amount most benefited in building strong bones and essential mineral for child.

Known Minerals That Body Needs ?

Calcium; calcium is an crucial factor of a healthy diet . Its little deficiency can affect bone and teeth building, on the other hand its overdose can make kidney stones. Moreover, Vitamin D Much needed to absorb calcium.

Copper; copper and iron works together to manufacture red blood cells and it’s the major element of the outer coating of nerve fibers and collagen. Copper is required in maintenance of immunity and fertility, making of melanin, and the carrying of consistent pigmentation. It’s known that zinc and copper cope for absorption in the digestive tract.

Iodine; other than its abundance, iodine deficiency is very usual. Major iodine deficiency are recorded with people who suffering from thyroid disease or a hyperthyroid disorder, or those who have suffer consistently a goiter.Major Iodine deficiency yielded major disease included constipation, , weight gain, facial puffiness and effecting both physical and mental processes.

Iron; iron is an crucial mineral stocked by the body in red blood cells. It’s also known the most usual mineral deficiency in the world. The symptoms of deficiency included general weakness,tiredness, an inability to concentrate on activity, sensitivity to infection, low performance and in normal condition ill health. Calcium and copper required for iron to play role properly, and ascorbic acid enhances absorption. Iron is needed for proper work of Metabolization of B vitamins.

Magnesium; magnesium minerals are important for a healthy nervous system and more muscle contraction and for the building of healthy bones and also teeth. Magnesium can also contribute to guard against Heart disease and lower high blood pressure. Magnesium deficiency can severely affect the immune system at last, magnesium is very useful in type II diabetes and it’s other complications and further more alleviating the symptoms of PMS and getting low the severity of asthma attacks.

Potassium; Potassium is an crucial nutrient and electrolyte. Many reports shows that taking more potassium from food or from supplement can lower your blood pressure. Individuals who suffering from hypertension,and those who check their Blood pressure regularly to keep their Blood pressure in balance can benefited from potassium.

Selenium; from last years, science experiments, Doctors observations and epidemiological data have making selenium more important minerals to prevent and cure for disease including cancer, Heart disease, neurological diseases, inflammatory diseases. Cause it’s also know as antioxidant.

Sodium; sodium play important role with chloride and bicarbonate to make the body balance of + and – ions in our body fluids and tissues.

Some Examples Of Minerals Sources ?

Calcium; Milk,yogurt and cheese
Chromium; Bread, Whole grains, Brown rice and Meat

Why we Need Supplements to Meet Minerals requirement ?

just like other nutrition needed by our body minerals are essential in many way like enhance muscles and mind health. it’s basic nutrition we need to survive in this rough environment.Many Years ago, medical professionals doctors and researcher noticed that particular disease symptoms were directly related to food we take regularly. In foods we take regularly some elements needs more amount subject to their environment.Here many supplements introduces by pharmaceutical industries to meet our body needs some of examples below,

For mental Health; perfect example of this supplement
For heart health; perfect example of (write later)
For diabetes; perfect example included (write later)

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