Basic Carbohydrates !

Introduction :

Carbohydrate is main nutrition for our body. our body needs energy to perform all activity for all day . our digestive system converts all carbohydrates into energy that need to our organs, tissue, and cells need energy to perform activity to survive our body from exhaustion.our body store extra energy in liver and in muscles and breakdown sugar elements when it needed and converts into energy through chemical reaction.Carbohydrates are  the most  profuse and general organic element in nature, and they are crucial constituents of all living things etc. For healthy life one should take enough carbohydrates to spend life healthy.Carbohydrate feast on in food yields 3.86 calories of energy/gram for simple sugars, and 3.57 calories per gram for complex carbohydrate in other understand how carbohydrates work first we need   to understand it’s chemical structure, the structure define how much energy will cell get fro these bond after chemical reaction.

Molecular formula of carbohydrates :

it’s the most abundant formula that exist on earth which almost found every thing and food but in different form.carbohydrates made just from three elements 1. carbon 2. hydrogen 3. oxygen. Monosaccharides it’s example glucose and disaccharides e.g. sucrose are relatively not big molecules. it’s usually called sugar .other carbohydrates compound usually big like starch and cellulose.

  1. Monosaccharides: is the simplest formula of carbohydrates also called simple sugar and can never be hydrolyzed further to simple compound and it’s chemical formula is CnH2nOn, usually soluble in water and colorless and crystalline. foods include Honey and cane sugar and also found in beans and dairy products with simple sugar.
  2. disaccharides: also called double sugar when two simple sugar compound combined together made disaccharides also found naturally which is called fructose, sucrose maltose lactose which also soluble in water.

Common disaccharides is common sugar which included  glucose and fructose. Major sugar in milk product which elements  glucose + galactose.  At no#3  Maltose which elements are glucose galactolose etc.

It’s molecular formula  sugar which is simple carbohydrate is C6H12O6 that normally found in every natural product s.

Carbohydrates in Daily Diet:

Usually every human needs  100 to 150 gram per day carbohydrates and in other words 60 to 65 % of our daily food intake must include carbohydrates. It’s vital to our health for various reasons include;

  1. Providing energy : Carbohydrates are our body main fuel source. In digestion, sugars and starches and other element are broken down into simple sugars for energy. They are then absorbed into your blood, where it’s called blood sugar or blood glucose. From here, sugar enters our body cells through the help of insulin. Glucose is used by our body for energy source and fuel all of your activities, it’s going for a exercise or every second breathing. other Extra glucose is preserved in our liver and muscles and other cells or organs for later use, or will be converted to fat for instant use of energy if needed .
  1. Protecting against disease : Some other evidence suggests there whole-grains and dietary products from whole day foods play vital role reduce your risk of cardiovascular like heart diseases. Fiber also protect against health issue like obesity and type-2 diabetes as well. Fiber is also needed and vital for optimal digestive health.
  1. Controlling weight : Evidence also shows there eating lot of fruit and vegetables, whole- grains will surely helps to control it’s volume and fiber elements aids to weight control by helping us feel full on not many calories. On other hand to what low carb diets say  very few results show that a diet rich in healthy carbohydrates elements may leads to gain weight or obesity.

Carbohydrates Major sources:

  1. Brown Rice helps to protect from heart disease and super rich in magnesium it’s value added to carbohydrates are 143 grams Carbohydrates on 185 gram serving plate.
  2. Buckwheat serving plate 170 gram can add body fuel 122 gram and it’s also rich in protein and also include many amino acid which support energy and proper growth etc.
  3. Kidney Beans serving plate of 185 gram can add body fuel 122 gram and it’s really nice output from that source and it’s also lower the risk of heart disease and helps to reduce bad cholesterol without affecting other good cholesterol.
  4. Lentils: serving size of bowl 192 gram extracted 120 gram of carbohydrates and it’s also main source of protein and it’s the great substitute for the meat if we see it’s nutritional factors.
  5. Quinoa: 170 grams generates 112 grams of carbohydrates and rich source of protein as well which can be used to repair cells and rich in iron and other minerals that body can not make it self.
  6. Potatoes ; 369 gram will yield 89 gram of carbohydrates and it’s the basic food round about every one on this planet and it’s vital source of potassium and other minerals that helps body to regulate blood pressure and maintain it.
  7. And in other source Bananas, Chickpeas, Nuts,oranges, Grapefruit … ..

Carbohydrates and Health related Supplement use ;  

we take almost every minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and almost every nutrition, then why we need external supplements to enhance body strength or work properly , cause our soil depletion and other farming issue decrease the amount of  minerals that product should carry when cultivated and when consumed. Here is the pound we need to take Heath related supplements to boost energy from other sources but naturally made from organic compound. Carbohydrates is basic nutritional element which should take by it’s requirement of our body to perform our daily activity, if any one suffering from deficiency from carbohydrates or other minerals should take any naturally made supplements to support energy level of our body.

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